Almerimar - San Jose - Garrucha

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Tue 1 Jun 2010 20:46
We logged 77nm today leaving Almerimar at 0700 and getting to Garrucha at 2100 having anchored for lunch at San Jose. I had a small celebration in San Jose as today is the first anniversary of my first day of retirement. I celebrated by having my first swim of the season (in San Jose) and I can say it was ok. I swam one circumnavigation of Minka and got out.
Getting to SJ was interesting. Once around Cabo de Gata the high density developments stop and there is a fascinating mountainous terrain with amazing geology - what would I know so a few pictures
This is the Cabo de Gata. If you look to the right you will see a white patch where a sea gull could have dropped its ice cream, but
it is an outcrop of white rock. It is particularly bright because it is eroding unlike some in other patches where it has turned a dirty grey. Then there are the UFOs which have landed on the beach and turned into stone because they ate too much gorgonsola
There is a mummy one and a baby one. The scale is huge as there were people on the beach who are so small you can't even see them in this superbly crafted snapshot.
San Jose is a small bay with a little harbour in one corner. Unlike so many it hasn't been hugely overdeveloped. This is from the anchorage.
I was anchored in about 4mts here. Did I tell you about the windlass solenoid. It doesn't reverse the windlass any more. So what I do is lower the anchor and then swop the leads over before winding it up. I have a new solenoid on order as I don't think I will have the patience for this for long. The worst bit is if you drop one of the cable nuts it falls into the pile of chain below. Looking for your nuts in an anchor locker is harder than finding a needle in a haystack. So far I've left them in the locker as I had a reasonable stock of M8 nuts but am now down to my last..........
Anyway I thought I was going to stay in San Jose for the night but suddenly the the wind piped up in a classical fashion so I thought let's have a sail......and we did for about two hours and then the conductor downed tools and that was that.
The two marineros who were here when I got in were very helpful, "over here, on this berth, let us take your lines, we need to adjust your fenders a bit, here's the form, fill it in please and bring it to the office in a minute". I arrived at exactly 2100 guess what time they finish...........