Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Tue 9 Mar 2010 16:51
Had a good walk around town and did some shopping. No one wants to take any mooring fees off me. I have been to the office three times and it shows no sign of ever opening.
A few pictures of the town. If the mooring wasn't so affected by swell I would stay longer and explore the cliff paths.
View across the inner harbour towards town
The town centre
The river meanders its way around town which gives the place a focus.
Minka on her mooring in the outer harbour
The harbour entrance is just beyond the concrete light house thingy.
I would recomend a visit here but come when it's a bit warmer. Nice sun but a very cold wind.
Off to Ribadeo tomorrow which is only 18nm so no early starts.