Nisos Tilos 27.4.2013

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Mon 29 Apr 2013 05:21

Position 36:25.062N 27:23.209E


The journey was about 30nm which was all done under motor. The weather seems to have settled and is now much warmer with very light winds. Nisos Tilos is a medium size to small island by Greek Island standards….about 8nm in its longest dimension. We went into Livadhia which is the main port.



As you can see because it was not too busy so we were able to moor alongside. The town/village itself has some charm…………



……..with a long promenade which goes a mile or so around the bay. For the last few days we have kept coming across some patches of horrid yellow slime which was washing ashore on the beach.



There are a few interesting buildings including a newish church



The building in the foreground is for sale…….



……….requiring some renovation, but who needs a roof in the sunshine?



This shows one of the few streets, it is shame all the electric wiring is overhead and done rather badly. We have now moved on to Nisos Nisiros which I will write about after we have had a chance to look around today. We plan to hire some little motor bikes and go and look at a crater.