Regatta Dinner

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Sun 3 Jul 2011 14:46
The organisers have hired a large tent which they have been using for meetings. This was set out with round tables and we were able to mix with other crews.
The two on the left are the crew of the German boat Astrid and Gottfried Timm and his crew Astrid on the left and Anders who is a Swedish member of the lead boat crew. The food was good and plenty of beer was available.
This was just the starter course, there was a barbecue outside as well. There were a few formalities and some presentations. I didn't follow most of this as it was all in Russia although they kindly provided us with a translator but it was hard to hear her over the PA system.
The skippers all had to stand up and say a few words which was difficult for some. Fortunately by this stage everyone was pretty relaxed and I think the translations got looser and looser.
This shows the flags of the boats taking part as a backdrop. From the left we have Russia, Czech, UK, Finn and German. It does appear that we will be the first British boat to transit the canal system.
Off on a day trip today.