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Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Fri 10 Sep 2010 12:50
We are making slow progress up this coast. The wind varies from 5 to 25kts and with the stronger wind comes some large waves which make it unproductive to motor as our speed is knocked back to 2 kts. All the time we have between half and one kt of current against us. The wind varies from N/NE to N/NW.
The tactics we have developed involve motoring when the wind is less than 10kts following our course but giving us searoom to sail if we get a wind with some west in it. The forecasts further north are more promising as we will start to get some SW winds.We are 200nm south of Cape Finisterre where we should get the more favourable winds. In the last 24 hours we made about 100nm although we travelled further because of tacking. So, hopefully only two more days of headwinds
We passed Ilha Berlenga half an hour ago. This is a large rocky outcrop just off Cabo Carveiro. Our position is 39 29.783N  9 39.088W at 0130 Portugese LT.