Nisos Skiros, the bike tour, day one the south of the island. 8.6.2013

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Sun 9 Jun 2013 13:51

The yacht port manager is a friendly fellow so I asked him where I could hire a little motorbike. ….. he has just started a business doing this. My receipt was numbered 0004, so a pretty new venture. He only had a 50cc bike but assured me it would go well. He was right and when I spoke to him later he explained he was a mechanic and derestricted them himself. The clock stopped at 85kph but the needle went well past that…..great.



A bit of livestock…



……some road builders lunchbreak sculpture….



….and some more…



A Skiros horse. Apparently they are a very old breed, quite small living wild in small groups.



A helpful notice so you don’t get lost….



….a less helpful notice. This is pointing in the direction of a military base and Rupert Brooke’s tomb.



The tomb and……



…the famous poem.



A photograph of a sign…….oops.



The long and winding road, well a track really.



Some religious graffiti…..



…..and a natural spring where I earlier saw some chaps filling up old water bottles and loading up a car with them.