Karpaz Gate Marina

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Sat 16 Nov 2013 16:36

We had a good trip from Famagusta around the eastern pointy finger of Cyprus and to this marina. It was 75nm so we did it overnight to make sure we arrived in daylight. This is a huge new marina with good facilities and loads of room. They are offering a great deal for annual berthing, 2,000 euros including a lift out, lift in and yard applied anti fouling. This makes it slightly cheaper than Kas but the downside is it is in the middle of nowhere. There is a restaurant, small store and even smaller chandlery. The latter probably has less stock than Minka has in her bilges.

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This photo was taken from Minka's berth. This was taken looking the other way.

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The luxury of mooring alongside with a huge hammerhead to myself was great. On the way the Turkish Cypriot Coastguard got a bit excited and called me up on the radio to find out who I was. They seemed to find it hard to believe I was just an 11mt yacht and seemed to know I had been in Famagusta and not checked in. When I got here I was made to formally check in to Turkish Cyprus which took 7 men over an hour. I ended up paying 60 euros as apparently it was a bank holiday and I was obliged to pay them overtime. I shall remember that and I now have a list of their bank holidays. It is also worth avoiding weekends as the same applies except it is only 40 euros. The marina off season day rate was 28 euros.

I have had a pleasant day trying to get value out of the free water by giving Minka a good scrub. She looks very smart.

Tomorrow I am off travelling west along the north coast towards Kyrenia. I say towards as I have just heard there is another new marina on the way which is worth a look.