St Peter Port to Brighton

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Thu 23 Sep 2010 14:37
Leaving St Peter Port we had light winds from behind us so put up the spinnaker for the first time on this trip. It gave us just over 6 kts boat speed which took us up to and just through the Alderney Race. Unfortunately the wind began to die but the tide was going our way at up to 5kts.
The ship above decided to overtake us going through the race. We had to give him a bit of room as he was only going to miss some isolated rocks by 2 cables.
The shipping was quite heavy crossing the channel so we made a lot of use of the Automatic Identification System (AIS).
You can see Alderney bottom left with Cherbourg just right of it. We are coloured white on the screen and you can clearly see the direction of flow each way.The ship crossing in front of us is a Channel Ferry.In addition to the AIS we had the radar running as not all vessels have AIS particularly smaller fishing boats. We managed to avoid everything by at least 0.5nm which was good. We didn't get much sleep.
At about 1100 Brighton came into view. John took us into the Marina and we went straight onto the berth we left last November.
Christina came and picked me up so I could collect my car from her house and took this photo of the crew.
For those who don't know John is number 79. We don't look too bad considering we had been up all night.
Out total mileage was 1,590nm over the ground. Our time travelling was 14 days 21 hours giving an average speed over the ground of 4.6kts. The shortest distance between the start in Mazarron and the finish in Brighton is 1,410nm so we travelled an extra 180nm over the ground. This was largely because of some long tacks out into the Atlantic.  In addition, because of net adverse currents and tides we need to add another 100nm through the water.
This is my final blog for this trip. I have arranged to winter Minka in Brighton and have no firm plans at the moment for next year. During this trip I have had help and friendship from many different people. In Gijon Lizzie showed me the mountains and introduced me to the locals. In Gibraltar Colin, Richard and Dan who were thoroughly patronised by the Yachtmaster examiner certainly deserve a mention and a beer. In Mazarron Gill and John and their family were great lending me a car and making sure I ate all Sebastian's snail paella. Finally, Manuel who was always a friendly face in Mazarron and helped well beyond any expectation in antifouling Minka before we left.
Best wishes and thank you all.
Edmund and Minka