Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Fri 19 Mar 2010 16:51
The marina is first class and must have been built with some EU funds as there is a lot of room. There is also an older marina next door which is one third empty.
700 berths of which I guess 150 are used
The marina is also huge and consists of one very long wide pontoon with branches off.
The staff rush around in the golf buggy bottom right
Very cleverly they arrange the boats so it looks quite full from the land. The facilities are excellent with a small shop and restaurant on site. They are offering deals on berthing so if you stay four nights you get 25% discount which makes it very reasonable. So I booked four days but it looks like I will be here until Sunday as the wind direction is against me setting off again.
I got the bike out and had a ride around the headland which was great. There is a lot of history here with a settlement since the dinosaurs were around. The tower of Hercules is a lighthouse.
Originally built by the Romans and
claimed to be the oldest operating lighthouse.
There is a lot of public art and
I particularly like this sculpture with the fountain being directed to create the wake. As usual there is an imposing square
and of course a nice sandy beach
I am keeping myself busy doing the jobs I have been putting off because they are horrible. The engine is now  serviced with new filters. The worst job though was taking the faulty level gauge sender unit out of the holding tank and repairing it. You don't want to know what the tank holds................but there is about 20 gallons
As I said hopefully, I will be on my way on Sunday but it all depends on wind direction and strength.