A cruise around Corfu

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Sat 11 Aug 2012 08:44

A few more pictures of Kassiopi. There are the remains of a very large castle. This is the inside of the perimeter wall which takes about half an hour to walk around.




Looking down over the harbour from the castle.



Another view from the castle. In places the outside wall is very high and some people have houses built underneath so have a garden wall up to 100 feet high.


In the few days before leaving Minka in Gouvia we went on a little cruise. The winds were mostly very light so we only covered 10 t0 15nm per day. We crossed to mainland Greece and visited Sayadia which is a small marina in the middle of nowhere. It was quite exciting going in as our entry coincided with the wind getting up to force 6. It is a bit of a nail-biter as the entrance is narrow, the wind blows across it and it is very shallow. At one point we only had 50cms under the keel.



Minka with the entrance to the left. This is the following morning after the wind had dropped. The night before the waves had been breaking over the concrete and spraying into Minka’s cockpit. You can see a lamppost beside the entrance and there is a matching one out of sight on the other side. They have painted the bulbs in these red and green to so people can find the gap at night.



As you can see most yachts had dropped a stern anchor and gone in forwards. We took the easy way out after finding our stern anchor failed to hold at the first attempt. I was quite glad of this as later on another yacht came in and caught a stern anchor rode on its keel and ended up  pulling it out.


We sailed back across to Corfu to Petriti where we had been a week or so before dodging a couple of ferries on the way.



They are a lot closer than they look in the photo.




From Petriti we went to Corfu Town and went into Mandraki Marina which is built under the castle and you have to walk through the castle to get into town.



On my previous visit I had missed the old town so had a look around. On the way you can look down on the castle moat which is now used to park shallow draft yachts.



From here we went up to Stefanos and anchored in the bay overnight before returning to Gouvia. Minka is now safely in Gouvia Marina whilst I have returned home to escape the heat for a month or so.