Gijon to Luarca

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Tue 9 Mar 2010 09:25
The forecast looked ok so an early (for me) start at 5.30 to make sure I arrived in Luarca in daylight. The distance was about 47nm and I averaged just over 5kts. Very variable winds in both strength and a little in direction. Came most of the way with the genoa poled out one side and the main on the other secured by a preventer. The speed varied from 3.5kts to 7.8kts so a really mixed sail. The engine stayed off which was nice. I saw my record output from the new solar panels which was 15 amps. I think I will easily get 20 in the med. For technical readers they are two Kyocera 135 watt panels
A few miles after I left Gijon I saw an orange power boat coming up fast behind me. It looked a bit like a marine equivalent of sqeasyjest.
Yes it was going uphill
Not easy taking photos in a swell.
The boat is the Gijon search and rescue vessel Alonso de Chaves. This is the first vessel I have identified with the new AIS which is great.
I nearly needed him later as coming in to Luarca you have to follow a couple of transit masts ashore as there are a few rocks about. I was doing that and was about 100mts out when the engine stopped. Anyway I unrolled the genoa and sailed out of there back down the transit. When I was clear I had a look at the engine panel to see if anything was up with the gauges and noticed the genoa sheet wrapped around the engine pull stop handle. So that was easily solved.
This looks like a nice little place. The book says there is a friendly yacht club so I may give that a go later.
Minka is tied to a ladder and her stern secured to a buoy.
I am sending this by Iridium which is both slow and expensive as I can't find a free wireless connection here. I have taken all but this photo out as I tried to send it and the server was coughing. I have also reduced this photo to see if that helps.