Argostoli on Cephalonia

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Mon 16 Jul 2012 09:56

We spent a few days here. There are some very good markets especially for fresh fruit and vegetables. The mooring on the town key was very easy with good holding for the anchor in mud.


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I managed to sort out all the formalities with the coastguard and now have a log to be completed in other Greek ports if anyone can be bothered to do it. Mooring on the town key was about 4 euros a night with a supply of non potable water. I do put this in the tank as all drinking water is expensively filtered at the tap.


There are no large fishing boats here but the small ones do quite well selling their catch straight off the boat.


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Opposite the town key there is a marina which has been very expensively constructed but never finished so there are no services. You can moor there free of charge and there is loads of room.


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This picture is taken from inside the marina looking across to Argostoli.


The marina has become a bit of a scrapyard for dead boats.


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Last one


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An ex high speed ferry. It has a notice on it warning you from going aboard and saying it is protected by CCTV. This amused me as it would encourage visitors to climb aboard and steal the CCTV which was of course non-existent.


Some friends came up from Zakinthos on their beautiful Jeanneau 54. We had a lovely evening out entertained by fire eating street performers .


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We left together next morning so took a few photos of each other’s boats.


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Minka and I then sailed up the coast about 50nm to Levkas island and are anchored in an enclosed lagoon at Vlikho.


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The entrance to Vlikho is to port


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Some interesting geology going up the channel. We are expecting some strong winds for the next two days from the north so I will stay on Levkas for a couple of days before sailing the 65nm up to Corfu. We  may stop a night in Levkas marina and pick up some diesel on the way.