Nisidhes Fournoi 11.5.2013

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Sat 11 May 2013 17:32

Position 37:34.57N 26:27.2356E


Nisidhes Fournoi is a group of small islands. We sailed most of the way but had to tack around a few headlands. We planned to go to the main town on Nisos Fournoi but saw a small fishing harbour on Nisis Fimaina which wasn’t in the cruising guide. We were able to go alongside a quay.




As you can see from this photo we were the only yacht in there. I went ashore to explore and a couple of locals went and woke the restaurant owner up despite my protestations so I felt obliged to have a beer.




The steps up from the quay. The bar is behind the tree which provided a nice shady spot with a view.




I did explore the village and counted 200 steps from the quay to the highest house. The mail boat arrived whilst we were in the bar which was about 12 feet long. There were two crew who unloaded about 6 crates which was then carried up about 100 steps to the post office and shop.




This is the village church from above just to prove I did walk up the steps.




And some more evidence. This is a lovely friendly little village …….we were joined in the bar by several locals who had no English but we got by.




The bar terrace and a final shot from the sea.




We have now moved onto a larger island …..Nisos Ikaria