Ria de Aveiro to Porto da Nazare

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Sat 17 Sep 2011 19:16
Position 39:35.033N  9:04.529W Porto da Nazare Marina
The 65nm sail from Aveiro was great with northerlies of 15 to 25kts pushing us along so we averaged 6.5kts for the journey. The downside was a heavy swell of 3-4mts which occasionally broke into the cockpit. That sounds a bit over dramatic ............. substantial spray soaked me from the waist down but the cockpit didn't fill up.
I have to confess an error on my part. There are loads of pot markers along this coast which are very difficult to see in a breaking swell. When we were sailing with the full main and the full genoa poled out we ran over one whilst I was putting the kettle on. It snagged on the keel and spun us around  before releasing itself. Unfortunately the genoa backwinded and it broke the spinnaker pole in half with a hell of a bang. It is the sliding adjustable one and it broke off about 15 inches from the end. I will saw it off square and rivet the old end fitting back on which will work fine!
I may stay here for a day and explore as it looks like the swell could be even worse tomorrow.