Simi Port to Selimiye Koyu 16.4.2013

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Wed 17 Apr 2013 13:30

Position 36:42.499N 28:05.576E


The harbour in Simi is not very sheltered and there was quite a bit of swell rolling in. This wasn’t a problem for Minka but the young couple in this little boat were rolling through about 40 degrees. Fortunately they were young enough to make the best of it.




The boat behind them is a fuel tanker which must visit the islands regularly.  We left Simi at a reasonable hour having had breakfast at a café where I sent my last two blogs. The photographers on the crew decided we should motor round the harbour so they could take photos. I had a go too but things seemed a bit on the tilt…….




…..I hope the others did better. That is my favourite Police Station to the right of the clock tower. We were going to Datca in Turkey but the wind was against us so we came to Selimiye Koyu in Turkey instead. It was a good decision as we had a great sail. Leaving Simi there were some terrific gusts which left Minka showing rather more of her underwear than is seemly. At times we were doing 7kts plus but the wind was variable.




We had a great time sailing through a few Turkish Islands…….




…..and soon arrived in Selimiye.




There was a strong crosswind as we backed up to the pontoon and Colin had great fun putting us neatly between two other yachts. There was a problem though as the line provided by the marina to secure the bow to the sea bottom was missing (known as slime lines). We tied onto the next upwind boat and went searching for a berth with a slime line. We found one, Minka is between the red blob and the catameringue in the centre of the picture.


The town/village is only just beginning to wake up for the season but the locals have been busy during the winter building this…….




…..splendid gullet. The place is really picturesque but the only historical evidence we saw was a ruin on this little island.




I really must buy a  camera with a zoom function….all these photos are taken on my mobile phone. Over the next few days we will be working our way east to Gocek so that Colin can catch his flight from Dalaman on the 19th.