Day out in St Petersberg

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Fri 1 Jul 2011 09:33
Position N59 57.97  E030 14.72   Yacht Club
Lena, our Russian Guide took us into St Petersberg to see a chart agent. This was the other side of town where there were some very tatty buildings. We eventually found the place which would have been impossible without Lena.
But first we went in here which turned out to be a night club. They were very helpful and gave us completely the wrong directions to the chart agent.
Eventually we got sorted out and set off into the City to do some sightseeing. The Metro (tube) is much smarter than our underground and very cheap at about 50p a journey irrespective of the destination. This is the concourse of one station.
I took few pictures of the sights as there are much better ones available. We stopped and had a drink and Lena tried on the Tilley hat which my brother William gave me for my birthday.
It suits her much better than me but she does have an innate advantage!
There are several reproduction gallions used as restaurants one of which has a lion as a figure head.
He looks very cross but he is sitting on his spherical objects. They had two other more traditional figureheads as well
That was yesterday. Today I have just written three blogs and am going to have a lazy day. I understand we are leaving here on the evening of 3rd July./ We have to set off at night because they only open the bridges in St Petersberg then.