Bodrum 2.5.2013

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Thu 2 May 2013 08:37

Position 37:01.747N 27:25.193E


We went to Bodrum specifically to formally check out of Turkey. This has to be done at a designated port of entry. Strictly speaking you should not go to Greece without going through this process. The Turkish visitors visa is for 90 days but you cannot just renew it end to end because it is 90 days in any 180. Since returning to Turkey I have used up 54 days and as I intend to stay out to the end of June I have to save some days for the return trip to Kas where I will leave Minka for July and August. The problem will be solved then as I will apply for a Turkish residency permit with the help of the Marina Manager. I would have done it before leaving Kas but they are waiting for a rubber stamp to arrive so they can do it there.


Approaching Bodrum




Bodrum Castle. We spent some time looking around the Castle which is interesting in its own right but also has some exhibition galleries largely related to underwater archaeology.



The castle entrance



The castle is laid out in a rambling fashion and as I found out later it is easier to get in than find your way out. This was taken from the inside which gives an idea of the levels of defence.



I just loved this sign…….which way do we go?



I found these interesting. They are prefabricated sections to line a well with the steps cast in and an internal diameter of about 30 inches.



This is a Roman bronze anchor. Behind it there is the cross piece which goes through the stem in a similar way to a modern fisherman’s anchor.



The castle from the sea. The procedure for checking out was both expensive (100 euros) and tedious. We were anchored in the bay and for some reason the agents insisted that the customs would want to see our dinghy. So I walked back to where I left it and then rowed it about a mile around to the customs post. They never even looked at it.


So that was Bodrum and we have now formally left Turkey.