Orikum - Albania

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Wed 10 Oct 2012 07:00

Orikum is certainly a place of contrasts. The people are extremely helpful and friendly and even more so when you pay in euros rather than Lek. 50,000 lek is about £300 so there may have been a little inflation here in the past. The food is a little cheaper than Greece and plenty of fresh stuff available. In the grocers when they found out I was English (obviously my Albanian accent needs work) they would not let me leave until I had bought some Albanian white cheese in which they take great pride.


So a tour of the town, but first back to the pillboxes. They have one in a derelict state at the entrance to the marina.



The lid is a bit askew but they have have a double layer of concrete protecting the front edge. Just room inside for a hefty machine gun and two crew. They were obviously prefabricated and craned into position. The various parts all have cast in lifting rings.


There is a small river on the way into town



To the right is a hotel which looked in good order and finished which is worthy of comment here. Moving on to the main shopping street



Which looks better than it is in the photo. A side street with housing



And the town hall.



After visiting the town I cycled out towards the holiday resort area where they are developing some apartments and hotels. I think if they wish to sell to English speakers some marketing assistance may be required.



There was some private housing outside the town. I liked this incomplete one overlooking the sea and mountains



Which contrasted with this early recycling attempt.



When the sun was setting last night the mountains behind the marina took on a pink tinge



There was no obvious church in this town but as religion was suppressed here for a long time I suppose that is not surprising. That’s Orikum and Albania for you. I won’t be stopping here again as the paperwork is too complicated ……………..they still use carbon paper.