Kalkan to Karacaoren and Fetiye

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Fri 12 Apr 2013 06:15

The forecast was pretty dismal as far as wind was concerned with very little and of course from the wrong direction. We left Kalkan reasonably early as it was 40nm to Fetiye. As we passed Patara beach the wind picked up and we had some good sailing.



This is Patara which has a ruined city and the beach is protected because turtles lay their eggs at night. We did a bit of turtle spotting



And since then we have seen more in Fetiye, so far the scores are: Phil 7, Edmund 5 and Colin 4. Phil gets up earlier……………….


Whilst I was having a snooze the crew decided we would call in to a bay south of Fetiye for lunch.



A rocky entrance with an island to starboard



With loads of ruined buildings.



A helpful young man came out to meet us and put us on a mooring buoy before giving us a lift ashore. This was very helpful as our dinghy was punctured.


We had a great lunch in his restaurant served by a charming young woman.



As you can see the view from the restaurant is spectacular…….oh, yes you might just spot Minka in the photo. The steps up to the toilets are whitewashed and make them worth a visit.



We had a walk over a lunar landscape after lunch



And had a swim before setting off for Fetiye where we filled up with diesel in the marina before anchoring in the bay. The dinghy now has a patch on it and as I write this is about to be tested…it is looking quite hopeful as it stayed pumped up overnight.