Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Sun 18 Sep 2011 19:30
As Minka is nailed to the pontoon here I decided to get my bike out and go and have a look at Nazare. Before I did this I repaired my adjustable spinnaker pole which has ended up 30 inches shorter than it was. I never used it fully extended so it should be ok.
There is a great beach at Nazare although no swimmers because the 30kt onshore wind was creating some large breaking waves.
The town itself has a front which largely consists of cafe/bars/restaurants and gift shops
But behind the front there are some interesting little streets.
On my way back I had a look at the boat yard which has a fine selection of "projects"
and the ultimate project was...............................
.................this fine ship.
I took an overview of the marina with Minka and Malysse the French boat I mentioned in the foreground.
Minka is on the left!
If the wind drops in the morning as forecast I shall leave here and head south to Cascais which is about 75m and close to Lisbon. If the weather is friendly I may carry on to Sines which is 120nm and would take about 24 hours.