On our way

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Tue 31 Aug 2010 07:45
We left Mazarron for Gibraltar at about 11.00am on Sunday and sailed well for 24 hours downwind. During the first night we had some gusts up to 30 kts which gave us nearly 8 kts boat speed. Unfortunately the wind died and we ended up motoring for the second day. The we on this trip includes John who is crewing all the way to Brighton. It is quite novel getting to sleep regfularly.
It is good to be in Gibraltar again and we had a lively evening drinking loads of wine on an English boat opposite us. John was insistent on Fish and Chips yesterday when we arrived and we have just had a Builder's Breakfast in this cafe. I think that is enough fried food too see me to Christmas.
The only thing of interest on our trip here was we passed an interesting looking yacht
We are leaving here at 10.30 which should give us a fair tide to see us through the straits and out into the atlantic, We went to Morrisons yesterday and loaded up with enough food to get us to Brighton. I was really disappointed as they didn't have any jam donuts or Fray Bentos pies............end of the world.
I will update this blog daily for a while and try to remember to mark our position on the map. I may have to cut back later as I only have about 70 minutes left on my Iridium satphone contract.