Setting off - maybe

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Sun 7 Mar 2010 17:31
I might leave here tomorrow morning as the weather looks sort of ok. At least no gales forecast. I have been having a look at Spanish, French and Portuguese met office forecasts. The worst they are giving are between North and East 6/7s. It is very variable as I have had up to 20kts in the marina but now it is 3.5kts. There are quite big seas forecast but nothing like I had before.
The problem is most of the ports along this coast either require entry within an hour of high water and or you can't enter in swell conditions or northerly winds. The nearest non-tidal any weather port is Luarca which is 45nm and sounds like a nice little place. They have some visitors buoys so that's good.
If I don't get in there it will be going dark so I might as well carry on to Coruna which is about 120nm. Leaving here at first light 0700 I should be in Coruna in time for breakfast on Tuesday. There are a few places I could get in before Coruna but I now have a rule that I only go into new places in daylight unless I am really stuck. It is a pity the weather is not better as there are some lovely little places I would like to visit.
Minka is now back on the arrival berth which is handy for the office. I have been in and settled up. I can't think of anything else I need to do except finish off a bottle of wine to save it getting spilt.