Carlo Forte to Porto Pino, Teulada, Capo di Pula and Marina di Capitana

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Fri 6 Jul 2012 15:02

Carlo Forte is clearly a place worth visiting and what I didn’t mention was the marinero Andreas is very helpful and welcoming as well as speaking at least four languages. We left with a view to going to Teulada, another marina but I passed a good anchorage on the way so decided to stop overnight in Porto Pino with three other boats. I didn’t go ashore as it just looked like a sandy beach but had a good swim and cleaned Minka’s water line.


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The wind was against us on the way so we did it in two long tacks, one taking us nearly to Isola del Toro.


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I am not sure that is the right island in the photo as it doesn’t look much like a bull to me.


After a good night’s sleep at anchor we left for Teulada marina. Again we were beating against the wind but it wasn’t far so only took three hours. Teulada is a very large marina in a dock which must have been built for military purposes in the 60’s but is in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately there is a very scruffy caravan site nearby which has a supermarket and to my surprise didn’t sell clothes pegs or lucky heather.


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Teulada Marina. There is enough room to anchor inside but unfortunately that is not allowed. Minka is centre right. Beside the marina is a little beach


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I was moored next to a Maltese boat and the skipper gave me a few cruising guides to Malta which was kind of him. The marina only cost 25 euros but if I had stayed the next night (1st July) the price would have been 46 euros. So I didn’t and the next day had a short sail to an anchorage at Malfatano where we stayed overnight.


This morning 2nd July we left there and stopped at Capo di Pula for lunch and a swim.


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This picture shows the anchorage. There are a lot of ruins underwater so you have to be a bit careful anchoring. You can probably just make out some ruins ashore and the tower.


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Which is clearer in this picture taken as we left after lunch. From there we had a good sail to Marina di Capitana. Coming in here the wind was blowing off the pontoons at 30 kts so I moored to the fuel berth as no one was around to help. Even that was pretty tricky and not something I would want to do every day.


Having been to the office here I am now rethinking my plan. Now we are in July the berth price per night here is 84 euros and this is after I convinced them that 10.93 mts was nearer 10 mts than the 12 they wanted to charge me for. It would have been 110 euros. My plan now is to fill up with provisions here and then do some long hops to get to Greece before I go bankrupt. Of course if I did go bankrupt I might fit in better in Greece.


I am looking at using a couple more anchorages on Sardinia and then doing a hop to Palermo on the north coast of Sicily. Then along the north coast of Sicily to Messina and then a 250nm hop to the Greek Ionian Islands where I understand life is cheaper. The weather is getting rather too hot for me so I will try to find somewhere to leave Minka and fly home until September. Anyway that’s my current thinking……………………