Nisos Ikaria 12.5.2013

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Sun 12 May 2013 17:31

Position 37:36.864N 26:17.723E


Before leaving Nisidhes Fournoi we went to have a look at Fournoi village harbour. It is a much larger settlement than Fimaina…..



…….with a better protected harbour. We decided to go south from here around the bottom of the islands which involved going through apassage between the islands. Our charts showed this as a possibility…..



…….. but I thought better of it as there were some uncharted rocks we could see. This is one for local knowledge.


We had a gentle sail at 3 to 5kts to Ikaria using the cruising chute most of the way. This island id nearly as big as Samos but less populated. We went into Kirikos harbour and again managed to go alongside.



We originally moored nearer the end of the pier.  On the other side of the jetty there is a Prout  catermaran owned by a friendly dutch couple who we have now met at three different islands. A friendly port police chappy asked us to move up a bit. We still had nearly a metre under the keel. He then asked me to go to the office, before lunch, after lunch or maybe tomorrow. I did and had to pay 8.4 euros for something or other but collected another couple of stamps on my DEKPA which is the Greek cruising permit. The port police and coastguard office is in the cream coloured building which is quite impressive

although a little decayed.



The islands are serviced by this tanker which I saw come in.



The tanker has three quite large road tankers parked in the back end which drove off and went off to fill up the local petrol stations. They were only on the island for about two hours…….quite a fun job.


Our next jaunt is about 60 nm to Nisos Mikonos which is west with a little bit of south in it.