Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Sat 24 May 2014 18:04
Position 40:36.593N 27:06.766E

I set off this morning hoping to get to Marmara which is the largest island in this sea. However, with an adverse current I decided to go to Sarkoy on the north coast.

This is not really a place for yachties....I am the only one here. I thought I was really in luck coming into the harbour as there was room to go alongside which I did where this fishing boat is now moored. The smell of rotting fish and a deluge of flys changed my mind......

JPEG image I moved and ended up dropping my anchor and backing in.

JPEG image

Still a bit close to the fishy smells but a lot better.

Sarkoy seems to be a holiday town for Turks from Istanbul.

JPEG image

There is a playground and funfair and the longest beach in Turkey. Not much history although there was a battle here during the Balkan wars. The town itself lacks style but it was all destroyed in an earthquake so is all modern.

JPEG image

I went for a meal in a restaurant over looking the harbour. I think this is the first Turkish restaurant I have been to where no English was spoken. I had a great meal using point and shoot communication.