Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Sun 12 Sep 2010 12:30
The wind continued in strength and direction so we got into Leixoes a bit earlier than expected last night. We had a choice of rafting up to Dasher the forces' Nicholson 55 or a very nice Oyster 435. We chose the Oyster which has two young children on board. John has been playing pirates with them as they are professionals and fly the Jolly Roger from their crosstrees. Another must have for a cruising boat is a set of plastic cutlasses.
The fuel dock here only has 1 mt  at low water so we are waiting until we have enough depth to move there and fill her up. We should leave at about 1600 local time.
To kill some time this morning we have been experimenting with Minka's new No. 3 jib. By moving the inner forestay onto the centre bow cleat we have created a cutter rig. It also means we can leave this sail hanked on in its bag on the foredeck ready to hoist. I expect some strong winds around Finisterre so will be able to try it out.
If we don't have to use the engine much hopefully we will make Brighton in one hop from here. Somehow I doubt it..........