Back in Kas

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Sat 30 Mar 2013 07:08

We arrived back in Kas on the 10th March and with the help of two friends have completed a long list of maintenance and improvement jobs.



That is Dave on the left and Phil on the right with of course the good looking one, Minka in the background with the antifouling completed and ready to launch.



The  list of the jobs completed. Antifouling, refit the maxprop which was reconditioned by Darglow Engineering during the winter, fit a new Blakes seacock to feed the watermaker, put the engine back together with the new oil seals to stop the two year old leak, fit the sheet blocks to the deck for the staysail rig, fit the new inside sliding section to the extending spinnaker pole, fit and wire the tiller pilot which links to the Monitor wind vane, fit new flag halyards, service the engine, polish the hull, refit outboard carburettor and new throttle cable, fit new pole and drive shaft to the Duogen, fit new gas tails, regulator and solenoid to the bottle locker and other stuff.


The least successful was the repair to the outboard motor which still leaks petrol although the engine now runs reasonably well. The strange thing is that the petrol leak has now gone away after further trials but I am not convinced it is permanently cured. The most successful is the to the gas system. The cooker had started to be very temperamental and it appears the new regulator etc has cured this. I also stripped and cleaned the Force 10 cooker so everything is very smart.


Dave stayed for two weeks but when Phil and I threatened to go sailing he decided it was time to return home. We hired a car for a couple of days and saw a few sights before dropping him off at Antalya airport.



Kaputas Beach



Ruins at Patara and some old rocks



A rare photo of the oldest ruin and Dave



Dave at Salikant Gorge with an appropriate sign



Salikant Gorge


After Dave left us on the 24th the weather continued to be very windy but it has now cheered up and a couple of days ago we took Minka out for a shakedown cruise to Kalkan, about 12nm.