Skala Sikias to Kira Panaya on Nisos Alonissos 4.6.2013

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Tue 4 Jun 2013 17:53

Position 40:02.130N 24:00.507E


We are now back in the Northern Sporades in an anchorage. After another early start.




Mountains and clouds but no monasteries….. Another windless day so we motored nearly all the way not helped by a half knot current against us.


The anchorage in Kira Panaya was empty when we arrived but it soon filled up with two catermarans and three yachts. We are back in charter yacht territory. I took the opportunity to have a swim and clean some nasty black tyre marks off Minka’s port side which we picked up in Nisos Evstratios…..not going there again.