Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Sun 28 Mar 2010 19:55
I walked up to the chapel on top of the hill overlooking the town today. It is a good job I spent so many years climbing the steps in Vernon St otherwise I think I would have ended up in the hospital which is conveniently at the start of the climb up.
So I found this nice looking entrance
and went up the steps which lead to a cobbled road. The road zig-zagged up the hill past a couple of houses
and I thought I must be nearly there so took a picture of the view. Then carried on and came to another house where the road ended. So a false start... I went back to the main road and found some steps leading up the hill and they looked a bit more public. I climbed up about half way and took a picture up and a picture down.
When I got to the top of the steps there was a road......... and across the road the steps started again.
There was a series of these crosses which marked where people had died of heart attacks on the way up. There were eventually 14 of them including three outside the chapel.
So I kept going and came to a road again. The same one which seemed to climb the hill by a slightly gentler route. I looked back
and then forward. Looks like I have nearly made it.
A few more steps and then we can see inside
The pictures do not do it justice. There is only seating for about 80 in the pews. Notice there is a stone pulpit at each side. This was an early attempt at stereo or perhaps this is where Morecambe and Wise used to preach. Well worth the climb as was..............
..............the view. You can see Minka in the second picture.
There was a little cafe so I bought myself an ice cream. Then I found out that there was a .........................
....................funicular railway to take you to the top. So I walked down.