Going up the Svir

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Sun 17 Jul 2011 12:41
Position N60 53.96  E033 43,07
We left our anchorage when we saw the bridge begin to open at 0900.
The chaps operating the bridge seemed cheerful.
Most commercial shipping will go under this bridge  so it was the first time it had opened for 6 months. As you can see there was quite a crowd.
Just beyond the bridge there was a dredger working. It seemed to be lifting sludge from the middle of the river and putting it to the side. It sounds a bit like a job creation scheme..
The land here is mostly sand because at some stage this was a sea. This is rather nice as there are a lot of small sandy beaches where children swim.
We came to our first lock and tied up to this big floating hook.
When this ship came out we all trooped in.
Inside the lock.
The lock filled very quickly and up we went.
The lift was about 20 feet. We came out into a very wide river which soon narrowed down again.
At about 1800 we anchored at a tourist centre.
The centre is a collection of old wooden buildings and has been created to take money from tourists off the cruise liners which go up and down. Some buildings are a bit Walt Disney.
but others had some charm.
I liked this swing made completely of wood. I tried it and it works very well.
There is a vodka museum here but it was closed. We went to a Russian Restaurant and tried some different Russian food under the guidance of Sophia who is the cook on the lead boat. The evening ended up listening to the crew of the Czech boat playing music on guitar and accordion. A great day,