Azores to Poole - Day 9

Donald Macdonald
Fri 4 Jun 2021 16:00
Position 49.14.5N 8.24.1W
Thank you for information regarding Azores colour status change next week to amber. It will not affect us as we left before that date so stay as green when Government website read before leaving.
Good 24 hours with constant breeze around 15 knots. Late evening wind got up a bit and sea a little lumpy and Harold having a little difficulty handling conditions as we had hardened up a little too and the black spinnaker was working well often 10+ knots. Spinnaker dropped headsail out and still doing 8 knots. Another 24 hours of this wind would be great ( to get within motoring distance) but not really forecast to last that long then a big hole all across the English Channel for a couple of days. Very much a wait and see.
Last night during my 2 hour nap kept hearing a gurgling noise not sure what it was. About hour in realised it was the automatic bilge pump kept coming on. Got out of sleeping bag and investigated in the dark, nothing obviously wrong and could not stop random running of pump, it was switched off. In the daylight looked at it again and cleaned, dried sensor all operating correctly again.
GPS sensor ZG50 froze again and was reset. Think it could be about to fail properly so looks like will need to be replaced.
John says the central heating is going on again as he is cold even under his quilt. I think Jean should just move him to the Caribbean then this unhappiness will not happen again.
Dinner tonight, Heinz Chicken Vegetable soup, our LAST baguette and finish with mandarin segments in juice.