Grenada - Clarke's Court Marina Day 18

Donald Macdonald
Fri 12 Feb 2021 17:05
As can be seen by title we are still in the marina. We did leave at 08.30 and back on dock 08.35. Muggins here had managed to orientate the chain over the sprocket the wrong way so when wanting to go to starboard out of marina went to port, initially thought it was the wind but only got worse so turned to port to go starboard. Once in clear space reverse gear and get back into berth. Reversing in with wheel still not always simple for me and now go opposite to what you would like nearly blew a fuse in brain. Back in safely.
After  a little bit of thought came up with a plan not to dismantle everything to reverse drive on the sprocket, worked like a dream just grease everywhere as lubricated all when installed. Double checked that all will steer correctly and the the crossover in pedestal does not leave to chaffing, which it does not and must have been like that previously.
Now boat is sailing prepared should get away earlier in the morning for sail to Carriacou, Tyrell Bay and going up the eastern side of the island so will get the full effect of the trade winds.