Antigua - Jolly Harbour Day 2

Donald Macdonald
Wed 14 Apr 2021 18:07
No wind today and lots of sun, very warm in the boat. Today more washing of ash from around the boat. Still to go up the mast with hosepipe to clean the muck off up there. Whilst up there will do a rig check too.
Last night the 1st time in weeks could not hear the water lapping the stern from my bunk. Did hear a mosquito buzzing around though, no identified bites this morning, may have to put the nets up this evening or hope the wind picks up which it is not forecast to do.
John likes one of the local dishes, a roti, which we have not found in any restaurants in SVG only from street sellers. Here in the marina one of the restaurants served it so he was very happy with that and a few local beers.
With the setup in this marina I would say it would have a great buzz if full and curfew was not at 2000 hrs, with the options of bars and restaurants in a very small area.