Antigua - Deep Bay

Donald Macdonald
Thu 15 Apr 2021 18:39
Position 17.07.562N 61.53.187W
Took a short, 5nm, motor north to Deep Bay where there is a wreck at the entrance of a ship that sank in the 19th century. We left the marina just before 1100. On the way up passed a kite surfer who was in the water, passed close enough if was OK, he was although did ask us to call his tender who should come and get him. We did but could see was already enroute from the super yacht about a mile away. We noticed he was brought back up wind to the beach and on his way again.
We have anchored in just 3.2 meters of water, so very easy to get down to, to turn it correct way around. Not best day to go snorkelling as thick low cloud making it feel cool with the wind. Still 24C though, we have just turned into wimps.
This morning we sent a request for our PCR test for when we leave Antigua as we have to give at least 5 working days notice. We were unable to request our preferred date just hope they give it by knowing the planned exit date. Will find out today or tomorrow when get confirmation email.