Mustique - Britannia Bay - Day 2

Donald Macdonald
Thu 11 Mar 2021 19:42
Ah, I see some of you have found the website for Basil's Bar then see they have a webcam. Rainmaker is the blue boat middle of shot. 
Last night went up the hill to The View, it is definitely very good one looking across Britannia Bay. The limited amount of the Island we are allowed to see, all roads are perfectly maintained and there are no gravely tracks either also no litter seen anywhere. Most of the vehicles are golf types  for 4 people either electric or diesel. Boats and trailers only seen moved around by a Caterpillar loader with what looks like a toe hitch assembly in the big loading bucket.
Sunny today, maybe rain tomorrow. Will take a walk down to end of visitors area before pub later. Only one boat left today and no arrivals so just 5 visitor boats here.