Canouan - Grand Bay - 2nd Time - Day 2

Donald Macdonald
Thu 25 Mar 2021 19:11
The water. When I asked around yesterday where to get the water from. Most common get from the place where water trucks deliver to the houses. When I looked at that facility last night could not see how we would get our 4, 25 litre jerry cans filled. Last night at the bar where we ate and drank, I asked them and they said we could get it from the Bequia ferry that would be in at 0800 and would be free. This seemed a bit far fetched, but on thinking about it and watching the unloading/loading of it here in Canouan, where we are anchored about 100 m away, you could see people coming off the ferry with those round water containers that go on office water dispensers so did think it had merit. Straight after breakfast filled our empty tank with the jerry cans of water we had been carrying since November. Just as we finished could see tie ferry coming in so went ashore and mingled with the other locals on the dock. Saw someone wit 2 water canisters for drink dispensers so checked with him and said I would follow to see where/how it was done. I had my mask with me, John had forgotten his so did not go on ferry. I followed my man, he filled his, then I started mine, by then John had turned up with a local who helped ten had a discussion with one of the ferry crew who was objecting a bit, John's man found one the had checked with and we carried on and got our 100 litres of water for 0EC$. Excellent. Not sure how it works and perhaps 100 litres a bit much, but one can at a time would pass as OK and not hold otters up getting their drinking water.
Both water tanks now full and 50 litres spare in the cans so will keep up going until end of April where we have planned to have been in Antigua for a few weeks before thinking about coming back to the cold UK.
Whilst ashore needed bread and got a couple of really fresh, soft loafs straight from the oven at the bakery. My tomato sandwich as dinner was lovely and delicious.