Carriacou - Tyrell Bay Day 2

Donald Macdonald
Sun 14 Feb 2021 23:19
Day started at 3 am when Anchor Alarm went off. Out of bunk instantly and viewed surroundings and checked alarm said we went 1 metre outside and all liked OK. Reset area with extra 5m. No further rude awakenings.
Enjoying breakfast, Frosties followed by marmalade rolls when John could not get water to have 2nd coffee. Water pump was tripping circuit switch. 4 hours later got it all working and the automatic pressure switching. Having had whole pump and motor in bits found it was the off centre spinning thing that makes the pump do its business was seized. Eventually got it off and soaked in anti-seize liquid otherwise known as penetrating oil and lubricated, now feels very rough and may fail soon. Pump and motor reassembled, installed and tested. All works as advertised although does sound noisy. After investigating spares I will need at some stage decided to look as pump spares I do carry which I know are all the diaphragms and to my surprise one of the full service kits has the off-centre spinning thing so if fails again will have to do the job properly.
Mid afternoon inflated the dinghy to go ashore for a walk, very pleasant. Saw a tiny island just to the north with sandy beaches and a few boat anchored. Do not think anybody lives on it so may see if we can get there sometime.