Hop south into Portugal

Donald Macdonald
Fri 23 Oct 2020 09:30
42.29N 9.37W
Left Al Coruna 1800 Thursday in bright sunshine and 12 knots. As went around breakwater the 2-3 meter swell was breaking on the rocks all around so did reinforce not to be sailing when the 7m waves come through.
There was a beat to the corner then freed for an hour on port tack. By about 2200 we were beating and being headed. When got to doing 330 tacked to go south and inside Finnistare TSS. John fell out of his bunk during the tack as was 18-20 knots at the time and had not put up lee cloth as it was not expected. For the next few hours reefs were going in and out also dodging lots of trawlers operating in pairs. By 5am wind was down at 2-3 knots so motoring.
Engine been running for about 5 hours and appears to be losing umph so now sailing very slowly. Could just be the fuel filter letting in air although unable to see leak. Will investigate once this sent.