Day 3 delivery

Donald Macdonald
Sun 18 Oct 2020 11:55
44.28N 7.48W
Another day and night completed. Every night has been pitch black with no moon to illuminate the ocean. AS evening approached the wind increased again so the 2nd required by the early hours 3rd one put in and came out mid morning. At time of writing 2nd one could be removed as wind still decreasing.
Water problem (fresh water) still apparent needed to mop out about 40 liters. Not at all sure where it is coming from only one tank on, will investigate properly in port. In some conditions can feel a knocking from the steering nothing obvious hopefully just tightening up of something required. To do list now has 3 items on it, Fuel filter, potable water leak, clunking steering plus some minor husbandry items.
If only John and myself could identify birds. Yesterday saw something about size of a tit and yellow scurrying around us. This morning a grey looking thing, small again just a few inches off the waves and afterburner to miss small crests and a duck seen.
Dinner last night was beans and hot chirizo with baguette followed by peach slices. A bit bumpy to do much else.
2nd reef out may go for full main as wind continuing to drop with 66nm to A Coruna to go.