Soufriere Bay - Day 2

Donald Macdonald
Mon 28 Dec 2020 19:41
Up at 05.30 hours for pick up by boat boy Bradley for walk up the Piton at 06.00. We were taken up the bay and dropped on the beach with our guide. Initially walk easy although the concrete road was steep. We the turned off the road near a sign that said Petit Piton. All the guide books indicate there are not any walks up this Piton as too steep and dangerous. Well we were there so carried on. It did not take more than a few hundred meters to start scrambling up the rocks. Steepness never less than 1:0.5. Just kept it steady to keep going as not done much intense, long cardiovascular work with this sailing across the Atlantic. The guide said we could stop any time but we pushed on to the half way stage to have a drink and a 3 minute rest to ensure we did not seize up. We carried on further and it got steeper and more vertical drops just a foots width sideways. You could see where rocks had fallen previously and they were stuck up in the trees. The view from the vantage point was glorious of the bay and across Soufriere town. We could even see the shadow of the Piton across the water.
Walking/climbing back down was hard to keep from slipping and by the end our legs felts like jelly but worth it. Perhaps the hike was easy as our guide did it in flip flops, perhaps youthfulness helps.
Today been fairly wet with the rain and clouds covering the hill tops. Town is busy with pleasure craft coming in and dropping people off for various tours then they come back to the boat for drink and food and back to their hotel which we presume is Sandals.
Will need to get dinghy launched and fuelled so we can eat ashore as ate our pasta last night and nothing left.