Back to the UK - Atlantic Ocean - Day 8

Donald Macdonald
Sun 9 May 2021 20:16
Position 27.00.6N 50.14.2W
Finally the wind has left us and we are in the Azores high. Wind speed 5 knots + or - 2, speed lucky when we have 2 knots. Going to be a hard next 24-36 hours if forecast correct as to where the high is and fill in.
This morning John said he had a couple of talkative birds on his dawn watch, not sure what they spoke about though, or has he gone mad. On his next watch we passed within 200 meters of a data collecting buoy floating around the sea. Nothing from my side only seen the blue sea and lots and lots and lots of stars at night.
My sailing Poole RNLI Lifeboat cap finally not able to be worn, buckle all broken and the cloth disintegrating. I think 5 years use not bad value. Now have a softer one that definitely will not last long so new cap on my shopping list when get home.
Dinner this evening will be chicken meat balls in chilli sauce for John and standard tomato for me with peas and carrots followed by mandarin segment in juice.