Bequia - Admiralty Bay - Day 11

Donald Macdonald
Wed 7 Apr 2021 19:04
Early up this morning. All night the boat rocked in the swell coming in to the bay and can hear it breaking up the beach. The boat has stayed put on its anchor lets hope continues. Again a day of very little wind and only this afternoon did the clouds dissipate.
The up early was for the Covid test at the hospital. Arrived at test area 0630 and were done by 0645. We think it is so early so the swabs can go to Kingstown, on the main Island, on the 0830 ferry. If service as some others have had recently we shall have the results back tomorrow but latest should be Friday. Need it to be back by lunch time Friday so can get to Customs & Immigration before they close to get our departure papers with the plan to pick up anchor Saturday morning to arrive Antigua by Monday morning. After the test we hang around town till 0800 when Maria's opened so we could get an English breakfast, which was very pleasant start to the day.
The chocolate was good so will buy some more to last the next couple of weeks.
All 3 rope bags that did not have a support along its mouth have all had a piece of batten sewn in and they look a lot more functional and rope etc should not tend to fall out, trip north will test in real conditions.