Antigua - Dickenson Bay

Donald Macdonald
Sat 17 Apr 2021 17:16
Position 17.09.694N 61.50.872W
Left Deep Bay at 0930 for the 3 mile motor north to Dickenson Bay. The guide has this as a thriving beach with Sandals hotel (very big) and some other hotel complexes with only Sandals looking open. All the little beach front stores and bars look closed, was hoping to eat ashore this evening.
On the trip north past the St John's port saw 3 cruise ships in the harbour (not operating) with one at anchor, which has since left. We also went close to the Fuelling Pier offshore, where a tanker was just tying up to offload its cargo to be piped ashore. Also saw a dredger clearing the channel into the port, so all in all an interesting hour motor here.
The whole area off the beach is sandy and lovely turquoise colour when sun is out. We have anchored in 2.8m of water and draw 2.35m so very easy to get down to reset if required. It was not today.