St Vincent & Grenadines - Young Island Cut Quarantine Area - Day 6

Donald Macdonald
Wed 24 Feb 2021 19:01
Just after midday got word that we are Covid negative and that our documents have been processed to enter SVG and cruise the area. Brilliant.
Once documents picked up we went for a walk to Blue Lagoon and checked out the supermarket and places to eat. There is not much open to have a big choice. At least 2 of the expensive restaurants are open. WE have found a bar that does light meals that is not far from the dinghy dock so will head there this evening.
This morning did some maintenance on the bimini frame as some part were getting loose and losing its rigidity. Also an end cap on the hatch cover (not installed at the moment) replaced as one of them was bent and made it a bit lopsided. Suspect I will be able to straighten the other one if I had a big vice and something for leverage. Will have to wait until back in UK and in my garage.
Tomorrow we plan to sail back down south and go to Union Island.