Bequia - Admiralty Bay - Day 12

Donald Macdonald
Thu 8 Apr 2021 18:12
PCR test results got back at 0820 this morning. Both negative so will clear from SVG tomorrow afternoon ready for a Saturday morning departure.
Little jobs done today.
1.    The mainsail cover that fits around mast has had one buckle strap torn off and another with only one line of stitching still holding it in place. This morning used the speedy stitcher to reattach buckle that had come off and re-stitched the broken line on another.
2.    Aft bilges all cleaned out from a couple months of muck. Forward area may get done tomorrow. Bilge under engine also dried out of fridge drain water and cleaned too.
3.    On the guard rails on foredeck there are some rollers on top rail to help jib flick over instead of getting caught on the stanchion when sail brought in for beating. For ages have noted they are in the wrong place since net replaced with string lines to prevent sail going overboard when lowered on the deck. Today managed to work a way to undo the 2 halves that clip together so could pull them apart and put in place where they will do the job properly.
4. Dinghy pumped up again to board hard and refuelled.
Swell has reduced a lot so not as rolly or noisy breaking waves on the beach.