Grenada - Quarantine Day 2 Martin's Bay

Donald Macdonald
Fri 15 Jan 2021 20:22
Last night we had a bottle of Rum Punch and pasta for dinner.
Maintenance done today:
  • Drying out all the areas that collect water, area under sink, where drive shaft is ( that water comes from stern locker) and under the engine as that is where the fridge drains to.
  • Check all electrical connections and wiring to battery bank to see if anything obvious for faster than expected power drain on trip south. Nothing that would cause that, did find the cranking battery had a loose negative lead so re-tightened. All connections within distribution panel checked nothing wrong identified there either. For the time being it is a mystery.
  • Went looking for leak again in aft locker. FOUND IT. The rudder post has a boot on it to stop water coming in. With boat upright and stationary this fitting is above the water line so no leaks. Today was just drying everything and the paper towel kept getting wet from side of boot I cannot see. Further investigation revealed a small tear about 1/4" (6mm) was felt in one of the folds. As luck would have it I did have another boot on the shaft as a spare, put on when rudder was removed for the lower bearing repair last June. The old boot was inspected at the time and no damage noted. The old boot cut off and then revealed two 1/4" tears. New boot unfolded and slid down the shaft and jubilee clipped in place. Would like to think that area will stay dry for the rest of the trip.
  • Pedestal will not be taken to bits until I know the engineering required on it, over sizing elongated hole and a bearing shim fitted to all part of steering mechanism still fit can be done somewhere here in Grenada. The whole pedestal will have to be removed from the boat.
John has been enjoying reading books as unfortunately his Saint Lucia data SIM is no longer working and spent most of yesterday trying to find a way to activate it without success. His UK contract SIM is at its roaming limit and needs to wait until next renewal for that to work. I am OK with my UK SIM with limited data of 25GB a month so and I still have unlimited calls and texts from the Caribbean.
From the anchorage we are able to see into the port and since being here it has been busy with ships coming and going so something to watch.
Yesterday some one from the Fisheries department came up and gave us a letter saying that we were to move by Monday as they are going to be laying buoys down to protect the wildlife. We watched him go down the whole  area giving letters out where we are allowed to anchor whilst in quarantine. We called him back when going by and said this which he did know and we are allowed to stay so it may feel lonely out here Monday because we think of the 15-20 yachts here only one other appears to be in quarantine. At least for a couple of days we shall be able to watch men at work.