Still in Figueira da Foz

Donald Macdonald
Wed 28 Oct 2020 18:18
We are still harbour bound by the 5m swell from the Atlantic. The harbour is closed to all vessels as of 15.30 today, before that 35m+ were allowed navigation. Today we went to watch a 100m ship come in. It did not as it appears the Pilots could not get out to it, so the 15.30 closure. We could see the ship about 1nm offshore with bow really high then the stern. The waves were very impressive. Presently we may be able to leave Friday but very marginal will check with Authorities Thursday, Saturday will definitely be able to leave with 1.5m swell.
  • The Water Leak. Today filled tanks to overflowing to see if any leaks were apparent eventually noticed port water tank overflow when a little pressure on it leaked fast. Pipe fitting to tank checked, plumbers tape put on and double jubilee clip added leak appears to have stopped. Will check again in the morning and then on trip. Hopefully fixed as that one did mean extra mopping up whilst sailing and the potential to get into a few electrical connections.
  • Rope bag had repaired by a cobbler.
  • Food for next leg sorted and stored in galley cupboards.
  • John removing navigation data/maps from broken tablet and hopefully be able to make it useable on another one.
Tomorrows tasks to include:
  • Check water if any under bunks.
  • Boom brake cleat see if can put alternate in place easier to engage and release.