Union Island - Frigate Island Anchorage - 2nd Time around

Donald Macdonald
Wed 17 Mar 2021 19:45
Position 12.34.905N 61.26.236W
Left Bequia at 0930 for sail south back to Union Island. Wind mostly aft of beam 12-20 knots, with full main and working jib got a good pace on. 3 other yachts followed us south, we were not racing but we did open up the gap and they were all bigger than us. None have come to same anchorage as we are back in Frigate Island, with less wind around we shall be able to launch dinghy to get ashore Arrived here at 1440 having completed 32 miles. Only 3 boats here presently last time there were over 10.
On the trip south John saw a whale, twice. Well its tail. Today straight after checking the anchor has taken properly he went and did some hull cleaning before getting back onboard. Sails all put away and boat almost back so we can get in our bunks.