Back to the UK - Atlantic Ocean - Day 16

Donald Macdonald
Mon 17 May 2021 20:26
Position 35.21.5N 34.00.0W
Wet, slow, did I say wet. A very frustrating 24 hours. Evening started well bowling along at 7 knots, just at dusk saw a black long cloud coming our way it had lots of rain and no wind. When it rained it was monsoon like and flattened the sea even with the 30 knot squall it brought. The direction of the wind changed too, well it kept changing so much so that 6 gybes were done overnight to try and keep going in the correct direction at just 2-3 knots if lucky. The rain has only just left us after 20 hours, the lack of wind is still here though. WE are hoping now the rain has gone we may get the expected gradient wind back. This lack of wind and direction change was not in any forecast we had so the one we get soon will hopefully give us better news. Last 24 hours 46nm completed.
Rain does not stop problems. The Z50 GPS froze again and still is as been to wet to get in locker to do the reset. The Zeus chart plotter is now the system GPS source for information.
During the night a bird was found on deck stuck under some ropes at the mast. Not sure if injured but was moving a bit when released and went into the water.
To keep noise down from the continual banging of the jib car as the sail keeps flapping due lack of wind the jib is furled and sailing (or drifting) just on the main.
Dinner tonight will be Mathew, Chicken in white sauce, carrots, peas the finish with sliced peaches.