Grenada - Clarke's Court Marina Day 2

Donald Macdonald
Wed 27 Jan 2021 22:01
Pedestal removed and took longer than expected. Initially had to clear my bunk area and more all stores, medical stuff etc. The loosening of the cables no problem. Removing plotter from pedestal guard good, removing compass to get access to water guard plate and its removal all good. Now little problems as unable to get both screws out of wheel brake bracket worked around that one and will stay in. My expected problem to remove tapered pin through shaft worked like a dream. Then to pull the shaft out having aligned all washers etc would not pull through although you could see nothing binding. After a couple of hours decided to tap with hammer (favourite tool) the bronze cog drive (not a good idea really) as well as pulling shaft. Half a dozen taps and I could see the slightest movement through the tapered pin hole, a few more taps and it was out, plus half the needle bearings on the floor. The most aft needle bearing had done a lot of rubbing and also made a marked ridge in the housing. Next was to remove the pedestal, just 4 bolts securing it to the cockpit sole. Only one bolt came out with a hammer. Again anther hour hammering the others nothing. Then went on the scrounge for a hydraulic jack. About 10 minutes later had borrowed one. A good strong wooden beam to put jack found then socket set extension bars to make up for the shortfall in height and pumped jack. Nothing happened even with 3 tons of pressure. Moved around the bolts eventually one moved so went back to the others adding more pressure, they all moved. On removal all 3 problem bolts had bad corrosion and wasted to about 40% diameter, all will need replacing.
The problem we have now is to put back together a rebuild kit is required. The local chandlery approached will need to ait till Monday if can be got because the man that orders not in until then. The pedestal has been dropped off at the engineering facility here to have the worn bits reamed and bushed. 
We may be here over week now waiting for parts. When arrive should only be an hour to install as pedestal will already be back in place.